Sunday Mass March 22 Video

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  1. M Ross

    Fr. Paolo & Deacon Branimir,

    Thank you for the Mass which was beautifully done. We appreciate all you are doing for us at this difficult time in the world. God has blessed St. Elizabeth Parish for having you our spiritual leader now.

  2. Justin Baugh

    Thank you for sharing this! It was very well done, and it was nice to see your faces for those of us who need to stay home.

  3. Elizabeth A Moncelle

    Thank you to you and Branimir for bringing me this gift that is the Mass. I’m isolating in my home and not inviting anyone in. I have people who will help me if I need it. I feel very blest by you and them all. Please stay healthy. Liz

  4. Norma Lochridge

    The Catholic Diocese of Dallas, which includes Bonham, is being pro-active in curtailing the spread of Covid-19 amongst parishioners and have cancelled Masses and Children’s religious instruction for at least the next few weeks. The Diocese is doing Mass online from the Cathedral in Dallas on Sunday mornings. We are also blessed at our little church here in Bonham, St. Elizabeth, to have Father Pao, who offered Mass this morning from our own parish church on our website. Thank you Father.

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